Leading the way in GPCR agonist discovery

Confo Therapeutics is building a pipeline of drug candidates with the potential to transform therapeutic outcomes for patients with severe illnesses lacking disease-modifying treatments.

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are the largest and most diverse group of membrane receptors in the body. Approximately 30% of all drugs currently on the market target GPCRs, demonstrating their importance in health and disease. However, more than 50% of all GPCR targets in the body have not yet been successfully drugged, leaving huge untapped potential for future exploration.

By adopting different conformations, GPCRs can transmit various signals in response to a variety of different stimuli. Our technology allows us to stabilize the therapeutically relevant conformation, enabling the identification of attractive chemical starting points. These are subsequently transformed into new medicines with optimal properties using our state-of-the-art rational drug design capabilities. Our platform is indication agnostic, meaning that it can be harnessed to discover and develop multiple therapeutic modalities for various indications.

Our Pipeline

We are currently building our proprietary pipeline with novel GPCR-modulating therapeutic modalities for the treatment of severe diseases with high unmet medical need.

Our other R&D programs

In addition to advancing our own portfolio, we have signed revenue-generating drug discovery
partnerships with leading pharma companies for additional GPCR targets.

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