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Confo Therapeutics employs its proprietary CONFO® technology to constrain the active conformation of drug targets and reveal otherwise occluded pockets, enabling the identification of differentiating chemical matter for the discovery of pathway-selective agonists.


The revolutionary ConfoScreen™ assay is a simple binding assay that predicts the biological activity of the drug candidate by assessing the selectivity of a compound for a particular druggable conformation, relative to the prominent (basal) conformation. As leads progress, comparing the binding affinity of the compounds for the druggable conformation vs. the basal conformation becomes increasingly important to understand the structure activity relationship (SAR) and to guide the medicinal chemistry.


Confo Therapeutics’ proprietary technology has several advantages compared to conventional screening (HTS or fragment-based):


  • Superior screening sensitivity, allowing fragment-based screening which will cover more chemical space

  • Direct comparison between the active stabilized conformation and the basal state eliminates false positives
  • Immediate functional profiling and affinity ranking of all hits in a single assay provides direct link to the pharmacological profile and helps to understand the SARs to guide the medicinal chemistry